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SEO The Curse of the "Click Here" Search Phrase

If you ever Googled the phrase "click here" you would be astounded by the number of results you receive. A staggering 3,510,000,000 without quotes and 778,000,000 with quotes. What's going on here?I sure hope for the sake of SEO, these are only found inside phrases instructing web tourist to "click here" and not inside the spine text itself.Why does this thing? And what exactly is anchor text anyway?Well, spine text is the fact that phrase you get involved a links. The phrase that's generally highlighted to show that there is a working hyperlink about the website. Mostly this shows up inside a great bright blue colour. Google and other search motor spiders use it to to predetermine what's apt to be about the next page they usually see on clicking through.To said merely, if you were reading a certain website and there was clearly a link with "red shoes" inside the spine then by widespread sense you probably discover red boots about the next page. By the same token if you happen to havea million links to yor url and all them mention "red shoes" inside the spine text then you could properly assume that a url is regarding red boots and this can help create a site look relevant inside the eyes of the search engines when persons look for red boots. This definitely is not the be all and end all to rank for red boots nevertheless everything being equal and a site had the relevant spine text when a competitors never, then you would receive the edge.So, are you using the appropriate spine text inside a links? Are you currently among the hard working countless that remain up late to build backlinks and then fall prey to the the curse of the "click here" point text? You see when you put click here inside the spine text it is not evident things to expect about the next page inside the eyes of the site spiders and spiders. These robots never understand human words and only understand to track down the search phrase when asked to track down it. They may find "red shoes" inside acompetitors webpage and mark it as relevant when they discover "click here"in a webpage and mark it as relevant to somebody that provides "click here". Naturally this may not create sense nevertheless the robots are not there to master that a url described certain boots then asked tourist to "click here" for those boots. They are only machines. If they do not discover red boots about your site then it their eyes you're not offering red boots period.Make sure you use the appropriate spine text inside a links and reap the maximum link-juice from a backlinks considering we're almost a 100% certain that any line of company you are inside, you're not offering any "click here"!\nhttp://lipodrenex.com/

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